Welcome to California Delight Biewers .We are located in S.California and have been breeding Yorkshire Terriers for over 17 years.

In 2004 we imported the first Biewer Terriers from Germany. Since than we have established  some of the oldest,traceable purebred  Biewer Terrier lines in the USA.We are starting our 4th Generation of American bred Biewer Terriers and are very exited about the quality of our puppies.

All of our adults dogs are Livershunt and Patella tested. Mars panel and DDC DNA tested to insure purity. Our breeding program is primarily geared to better the breed.All Show puppies produced  by us, are National and International Champions.

The BTCA, Inc. (Biewer Terrier Club of America) is the only club in America that is testing their dogs to insure the proper development of the purebred Biewer Terrier. All of our puppies are registered in America with BTRA, this registry guaranties the authenticity of the Biewer Terrier lineage. We are proud to display the banner of "Breeding for Excellence" issued to those dedicated breeders that are striving for quality breeding programs.

Depending on the quality of our puppies they are sold as breeding and show prospects or as pets on a spay and neuter contract.
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